UPT Family Fund supports Phoenix Cancer Support Network

December 19, 2019
United Petroleum Transports (UPT) has announced a $10,000 donation to Phoenix Cancer Support Network on behalf of the UPT Family Fund.
The UPT Family Fund was created in 2012 to honor the philanthropic spirit of company founder Keith Price. Through the Family Fund, UPT awards an annual contribution to community-based charities and non-profit organizations within UPT’s areas of operation based on nominations by company employees and associates.
“UPT and the entire UPT family is dedicated to the communities where we work and live,” UPT President and CEO Greg Price said. “Being able to support wonderful organizations like the Phoenix Cancer Support Network is an example of that. PCSN provides a valuable service to the Phoenix community, and our own employees have seen the benefit.”
The Phoenix Cancer Support Network was nominated by UPT’s Phoenix customer service center shop supervisor Steve Shover, who saw first-hand how the non-profit organization came to the aid of families when his own son, Justin, was diagnosed with cancer at 22 years old. Justin completed chemotherapy on Dec. 2, and Steve Shover said assistance from the Cancer Support Network helped guide the family following Justin’s diagnosis and the ensuing three months of treatment.
“Hearing the word ‘cancer’ is shocking for anyone,” Shover said. “We had no idea where to go for resources, and the internet is just plain scary and overwhelming … Phoenix Cancer Support Network cares because they have been touched by cancer and want to make it easier for everyone who has to deal with it or will have to deal with it.”
Phoenix Cancer Support Network Founder and CEO Jenny Martin said the UPT Family Fund contribution will help bolster the organization’s ability to serve Phoenix-area residents impacted by cancer, with 100% of all monetary donations used directly to fund services for cancer patients and their families.
“UPT’s generous contribution is especially gratifying because it occurred organically as a result of PCSN’s work,” Martin said. “When someone or an organization is personally touched by PCSN‘s efforts and pays it forward it creates a life sustaining circle of gratitude!”
ABOUT UPT: Founded in 1966, United Petroleum Transports is the largest carrier of motor fuels, aviation fuels and chemicals in the Southwest, with Customer Service Centers in Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana and Kansas. Headquartered in Oklahoma City, UPT is a leader in the tank truck industry, with a professional driver base of more than 600 drivers who safely and dependably serve UPT customers across the nation.
ABOUT PSCN: Founded in 2016, Phoenix Cancer Support Network is a non-profit organization led by a group of physicians, healthcare administrators and other professionals whose passion for cancer care has come from a common bond. Each of the founding members has been personally touched by cancer. Through each unique experience, PCSN’s staff learned that a cancer diagnosis is overwhelming, confronting the patient with an information overload, which can be difficult to manage and navigate. PCSN endeavors to empower clients throughout their cancer journey by providing free support, guidance, and direction while promoting and protecting the unique needs, lifestyle and abilities of each patient and their caregivers.