What We Do

Seamless Delivery...
every time.

For more than half a century UPT has been an industry leader in safe, dependable service. We are committed to exceeding our customer expectations every day, and achieve this by utilizing the latest tools in technology and equipment, coupled with the expertise of our incredible professional drivers and support staff. With offices strategically located throughout the southwest, we are flexible and capable of meeting the ever changing needs of the chemical and energy industries.

Trucking may have changed over the years, but our commitment to a seamless delivery…every time has not. Let us put our decades of experience to work for you.


Chemicals, serviced by multiple of our locations with specialized equipment to destinations across the country and into Canada; products include lube oils, acids, resins, molten sulphur, and more.


Crude Services (despite what map shows, we now focus this service in western Oklahoma and west Texas crude plays); primary focus on transporting from the well sites to the pipeline or refinery.

Motor / Aviation Fuels

Motor and aviation fuels, which is our refined product segment and largest, oldest segment, where we deliver products to airports, truck stops, and convenience stores. Products include all grades of gasoline, diesel fuels, aviation fuels, biofuels, asphalts, and more.