Richard Milligan Named 2022 Driver of the Year

April 26, 2023

United Petroleum Transports (UPT) is proud to announce that Richard Milligan, a lease operator in Albuquerque, has been named our 2022 Driver of the Year.

Richard was awarded UPT’s most coveted award during our Annual Awards Celebration in Savannah, GA on Saturday, February 4, 2023.  He was one of twelve finalists who were chosen from UPT’s team of over 600 professional drivers. The final winner was selected by the Oklahoma Highway Patrol, which reviewed each finalist’s metrics and safety data.  

Richard joined UPT five years ago but has been driving professionally since he was sixteen years old. He has always been someone we can rely on to handle any load and ensure a seamless delivery for our customers. Richard embodies the values and skills that UPT appreciates most in our professional drivers, and his work ethic, attention to safety, and willingness to step up for any job set him apart as our top driver for 2022.

Levi Milligan, Richard’s son, joined him at the awards ceremony when UPT’s Executive Chairman, Greg Price, announced Richard as the 2022 Driver of the Year.  Along with Greg Price, our President, Matt Herndon, and Executive Vice Chairman, David Price, presented Mr. Milligan with the Driver of the Year trophy and a gift of $24,000 in cash and prizes. 

“It’s always an honor to recognize our Driver of the Year,” said Greg Price. “Each of the twelve finalists was deserving of the award, and we were beyond proud to celebrate with them and present Richard Milligan with the Driver of the Year trophy.”

Many of our customers, vendors, and friends contributed to the overall prize, and we are thankful for their continued support.